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Cyber Security - How to Minimize the Risk of Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft


The technology today provides new ways for cybercriminals to steal personal and financial informations to commit fraud. As authorities continue to create and improve cybercrime fighting tactics, the methods used by criminals to steal identities evolve over time as well. Below are some ways to defend yourself against attacks.

1. Many people have many different online accounts which use the same one, two or three passwords. This is the common mistake for many people as it makes them more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Do not use obvious passwords that can be easily guessed by cybercriminals and frequently change your passwords on each account.

2. Cybercriminals will definitely send emails pretending that they are from the bank and will require you to input your personal and financial details in one of their bogus websites. If this happens, ignore the message. If the email truly bothers you, call your bank instead.

3. Frequently check your financial reports for unquestionable transactions. Contact your bank immediately if you found one.

4. Shred your documents by using a paper shredder before dumping them all in the trash. Cybercriminals might obtain important information if you don’t properly dispose those receipts and bank statements you have.

5. Request for a compilation of all your credit transactions. Examine those credit reports for wrong details and quickly report it to your bank if there’s any.

6. If you notice questionable transactions on your account then file a "Fraud Alert". A fraud alert can make it harder for identity thieves to open more accounts in your name because it will require verifying your identity first before it issues credit.

7. Do not bring your Social Security card outside if it isn’t necessary. Unexpected things may happen, it is better left at home.

8. Identity thieves can make a way to recover all your deleted files from a formatted hard drive, so it is better to completely remove data on hard drives using different ways available on the market.


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